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“Romero and Juliet” is a famous play written by Shakespeare. It is one of the most famous plays ever written. In the play, King Romeo finds a woman named Juliet in tears after an argument with her beaus. The king tells Juliet that he loves her but she should not love any one else because “she has been used.” What a sad scene! To think that one of the main characters in this story does not love his or her husband, daughter, or son. This play makes it very clear that Shakespeare’s intent was to… Read Article →

One of the reasons why safety and security systems are important is to secure your home and also your family members. Protection systems protect the participants of your household from intruders and burglars. In normal circumstances, the plain existence of a protection system would prevent burglars as well as intruders. In regards to its parts, safety system performs functions assure their harmonious and consistent link in the interest of accomplishing the optimum level of protection as well as creating conditions for symmetric action to threats even when they are with asymmetrical nature (instance: terrorist threats).f… Read Article →

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