PC/Internet business ideas from author Lynn Walford…

  • When you choose your business, make sure you research your market and determine a need for your product or service.
  • Look for markets that have been underserved and have less competition. If there is a lot of competition, how can you make your business better or different?
  • Use the most up-to-date resources possible when researching your business.
  • Find something that you love to do. Therefore you will always have time and energy for your work.
  • Look for services that people “wish” existed and fulfill those wishes.
  • See what worked for others in similar fields and see how you can adapt their good ideas for your field. For example, in Koreatown, in Los Angeles, Korean business people formed investment groups, where the group invests in one participant’s business and they all support that business until it becomes successful, then invest in a new one. Minority women business owners in South Central Los Angeles, observing the success of the Korean business groups, formed their own business investment groups supporting members of the group, and that worked well for them.

Great ideas are everywhere when you look for them!

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